Friday, June 19, 2020

12 Signs You Need a Roof Repair, Early Warnings and What to Do

Your roof is not something you immediately think about, we just kind of take it for granted – even though it’s one of the major structures in your house that’s keeping you protected from the elements. In fact, you might notice your roof so little that we often overlook some obvious signs that we need repairs to our roof. And sometimes we see but don’t recognize signs of damage. But some other signs are more hidden…
In this post we’re going to go through the major reason you’re going to need to repair your roof, what needs to be fixed and some advice… but first, here are some quick facts about roof repairs…
● Every year up to 5 million homes have their roof replaced
● The cost of roof repairs range from $3,000 to £120,000 depending on the size and complexity of your roof
● Often, the longer you leave a damaged roof, the more costly it becomes to repair
● Shingle roofs typically last for 25-50 years depending on the shingle type, but homeowners keep them much longer.
So let’s dive into the top 12 signs that you need a roof repair!
1. Cracked or Curled Shingles
Being out in the elements means shingles have to be tough – and they are. They come in all types of materials and each has its own properties and lifespan. But they do have their limits! Cracked, chipped or curled shingles, or just plain missing ones.
You need an assessment of the damage, some areas of the roof open to the elements wear more than others, you need an assessment to figure out which parts are affected or whether it all needs replacing – especially if you see lots of them.
2. Shingle Particles
If you see lots of “Shingle Dust” around the edges of your property, mostly shingle granules in your gutters, or in other parts of your water drainage, this is a sign that water is entering the core of your shingles and when frozen it applies pressure to the structure of the material, forcing particles to chip off.
It could be some surface damage to a small area that’s more exposed to the elements. It might be ok for the moment, but it’s a warning sign to get them checked.
3. Failing Gutter
Gutters are a vital part of preserving your roof, a faulty gutter can cause countless damp problems. One sign to watch out for is any painted facia areas that look like they’re blistered or areas of walls that look damp. Moss growing on walls is also a pretty big sign. Damp getting “around” and on the underside of the roof can affect the integrity of your roofing structure.
Look for any gutter joints that are not properly connected, or if you notice streams of water rushing down from fixing mount holes, or down the outside of your gutter pipe, then something is wrong. Repairing the gutter could solve the issue if the roof then has a chance to dry out. Tackle the main issue first which is to repair the gutter, then when some of the damp clears, have the roof checked.
4. Fire damage
It might seem obvious, but even a small fire can have effects on your roof. Flames can seep between cracks and damage unseen areas. Heat alone can warp wood and other parts of the structure, which can then lead to leaking roofs.
If you’ve had a small fire recently and it reached your upper floor ceiling, then its best to get the integrity of your ceiling structure and rafters checked.
5. Termites and Pests
Pest control is always something you should be checking on, but termites especially can wreck the interior of your roofing, especially if it’s a big termite colony. They will systematically destroy the wood piece by piece.
Make regular checks for termite infestations, consult a pest control expert and if need be, call us in, we can uncover the damage and make a proper review of the damage.
6. Leaking Interior Pipes
Leaking interior pipes can be the hidden danger in your attic, a roof is naturally vented to prevent condensation, but water leakage can cause damage to the roof structure over time and as it’s in your attic it’s unlikely to be seen. Periodic checks are important but look for signs of water seeping into your rooms, a feeling of moist and/or a musky atmosphere in the attic.
Parts of a roof structure can often be replaced without the need to tear it all down and start again, the further the damage spreads the more expensive the repair. So get it assessed by a professional and get it repaired quickly.
7. Interior Stains
If you notice any discoloration on the upper walls of your home or the ceiling, it could be a number of things. One of them could be moisture getting in between shingles and your underlayment. A moist underlayment can cause damp issues.
To properly ascertain if it’s your underlayment you’ll need a professional to take a look. Make a note of the damp areas and enable access to your attic and they’ll check it out.
8. Outside Light
If light can get into your attic, then it’s possible that water can too. One good rainstorm could rush into those areas, even a strong breeze might get a hold under some shingles and rip them off. Ensuring your roof shingle structure is properly sealed is important.
Go into your loft on a bright day, without lighting inside and take a look around. If you see streams of light coming through between shingles or in corners and roof objects. If you see light, you can probably see the problem, so give us a call and we’ll happily take a look.
9. Roof Objects
Often weather sealing materials around your vents, pipes, and chimneys can be the first to fail. If they do then water has a vertical route straight into your attic. One bad rainstorm could become a deluge.
Early detection and repair can minimize the repair area to just around the objects themselves. If you see flashing that’s flapping around in the wind then don’t ignore it.
10. Sagging Ceiling
Another obvious sign, if left this could get far worse and potentially be a hazard. Sagging ceilings can sometimes occur naturally with aged properties, but in most, it means the ceiling is anywhere from damp to saturated.
It could just be the plasterboards, but it might be the rafters are sagging. This is simple, call a professional in, and as soon as possible.
11. Energy Bills
Noticing you’re spending more on your energy bills? If your heating and air conditioning bill seems unusually high then it’s possible something has gone wrong with your roof.
Have the roof checked, if it’s a few gaps that are causing the issue then it could just be a light repair. If your underlay is compromised then it could be a new roof is required.
12. Extreme Weather
Of course, most of us don’t experience life in tornado alley. But freak weather storms can account for a percentage of damage caused, large hailstones, high winds, or extreme temperatures can all take their toll on a roof. They can often be where the problem starts.
If some extreme weather comes along, don’t just think about your car roof, think about your home’s roof too as that probably endured more of the onslaught and could be more costly to repair. A cursory check is all it needs, and if something looks off or you notice any changes in the house or out, then call in a professional to check it over.
Talking of professionals, if you suspect something might be wrong and need someone to take a look at your roof, give us a call. We’ll offer some free friendly advice and see what we can do to ease the problem and ease the budget. Contact us, or take a look at our services page for more information.
To Close…
We hope this has armed you with some points to consider when taking care of your roof. We know life is busy, and you can’t keep checking your shingles and rafters every day, but add this to your checklist as part of the ongoing periodic maintenance check on your house. A quick check every now and then can amount to thousands of dollars in savings. Don’t ignore it, these things rarely get better on their own.

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