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Advantages of Metal Roofs, Benefits, Trends, Pros, Cons, a guide

Once used largely for industrial and outbuildings, metal roofs are coming back in style…
Indeed, metal roofing has currently become one of the most popular alternatives to the previously used asphalt shingles. Typically made of steel, aluminum or copper sheets, metal roofing provides ultimate protection for your home and has a number of advantages.
Here’s a quick list of the benefits of metal roofing, then we’ll get into more details…
What are the advantages of metal roofing? Metal roofing is light, durable, easy and quick to install, energy-efficient in solar and heat defense which reduces air conditioning costs. Metal roofs are low maintenance, they look pleasing to the eye, last a long time and are made largely from sustainable sources so it’s eco friendly.
That’s the quick rundown, but there’s more to it than that, for starters, here’s the list of 9 benefits to installing metal roofing.

9 Benefits of Metal Roofing

Listed below are some of the major benefits offered by metal roofing.

1.   Low weight & portability

Metal roofs weigh about one-fourth the weight of a tile roof, and about half the weight of asphalt shingles. It’s generally more cost-effective and means it’s less weight to truck into an area or to hoist onto your roof.

2.   Easy to install

Requiring few materials to construct, and with the ability to cover large areas and to easily secure down connecting pieces quickly make metal roofing much quicker to install (generally) than most other materials.

3.   Durability

Metal roofs are highly resistant to damage from wind and hail storms. They’re also fire-resistant and have an average lifespan of nearly three times that of an asphalt shingle roof.

4.   Low maintenance

Most of the metal roofing products need very little to no maintenance.

5.   Energy-efficient

Metal roofs are one of the most energy-efficient roofing types currently available. They reflect a larger proportion of sun rays and, depending upon the coating applied to the metal surface, can help you save up to 20-30 percent on heating and air conditioning costs.

6.   Aesthetically pleasing

Amongst all the types of roofing materials, metal roofs are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and textures, thereby giving you plenty of ways in which to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.
Copper roofing, especially, is a very popular option due to its tendency to change its color with time and thus adding a vintage beauty and character to the building.

7.   Longevity

According to a study conducted by the Metal Construction Association (MCA), the average life expectancy of unpainted, low-slope 55% Al-Zn alloy coated, typically referred to as Galvalume®, steel standing seam metal roofing (SSR) system is about 60 years.
Since the service life of a typical commercial building is also 60 years, thus a Galvalume metal roof does not require replacement. This is beneficial fo both the building owners as well as the environment as it significantly lowers the demand to manufacture replacement roofing systems.

8.   Extreme Durability

Along with having a long service life, metal is known to be a highly resilient raw material making it the best match for harsh weather conditions.
Reputable companies like ours offer metal roofing systems and wall panels that are fire and wind resistant, preventing water and air leakage. With the ability to withstand winds up to 140 mph, metal panels serve as durable, strong, weathertight building shields – and we know how to fit them to withstand a lot of extreme weather too!

9.   Sustainability

Made up of 25-35% recyclable raw material and practically 100% recyclable at the end of its life cycle, metal roofing panels installed by us and other reputable companies are energy efficient throughout and even beyond their composition.
Their surface is coated with infrared reflective finishes. This coating reflects most of the infrared radiation of the sun thus keeping the surface temperature of the roof lower as compared to traditional or uncoated roofing materials. This saves air conditioning costs and conserves energy.
Metal panels serve as durable hosts for other energy-efficient, and energy-producing building materials. Good quality metal panels can be used with any sort of insulation system and can even support very thick layers of insulation, thus optimizing a building’s performance.
In addition to this, metal roofs are perfect surfaces for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. PV systems can be fixed on a metal roof without penetrating the surface, which results in quality performance with the lowest possible risk of damage or leaking.
All of these advantages make metal roofing the most suitable choice for commercial, agricultural and residential building applications.

Metal roof vs wood or asphalt roofs

Wood and asphalt shingles are the most common roofing materials available in the market, however, they pale in comparison to the advantages that a metal roof can offer. Unparalleled in durability, longevity and cost efficiency, metal roofs are also gaining popularity for their wide range of environment-friendly benefits as well.

Some Misconceptions Regarding Metal Roofing

A number of common misconceptions also exist when it comes to metal roofing.
Homeowners are concerned that hail will dent their metal roof. However, most reputable metal roofing materials are manufactured with a guarantee against denting.
Another common concern is that metal roofs might attract lightning during a thunderstorm, thereby making it a huge safety hazard. However, this concern has also been proven to be baseless.
Some think metal roofs are noisy, but this is usually taken care of with some low-cost insulation.
There is a belief that you cannot match the color for repaired areas, more often than not you can, and if you can’t, then hey no problem, just get a new and up-to-date paint finish on the entire roof instead!
There is a belief that metal is more expensive, but when you take it over the lifetime of the product it is actually more cost-effective. You just need to weigh up if you’re going to be in the property and benefit from it for the long term.
Water can accumulate in some areas and cause damage, well, this only occurs where metals roofs have been poorly installed.

Roofing Trends in Ann Arbor Michigan

When it comes to metal roofing systems in Ann Arbor Michigan, following two types of metal panels are most commonly employed:

1. Sheet Metal Roofing

It has emerged as one of the trendier options. It protects your home from extreme weather elements. In addition to this, sheet metal roofing is light-weight, fire-resistant, and non-combustible.

2. Steel Roofing

Steel roofs are a popular choice among farm and commercial structures. Their long service periods keep them looking aesthetically pleasing for more than forty years. Also, their textured panels protect the building from hail indentions.

Reasons to Consider Metal Roofing for Your Ann Arbor Home

Here are some ways you can benefit from installing a metal roof.

Recycled Installation

Metal is the most environment-friendly roofing material available in the market for a variety of reasons. This is because metal roofs are manufactured from recycled material, and they can be again recycled at the end of their life cycle.
Also, they can be set up over your already existing roof, which minimizes both wastes as well as installation time.
Moreover, fewer pollutant emissions are released in the environment during the manufacturing of metal roofing, and because of its lighter weight, lesser emissions are released during the transport process as well.

Heat deflection

Most importantly, metal roofs have up to 95% solar reflexivity, which allows them to dissipate heat from the sun with greater efficiency, particularly in contrast to the 5% reflexivity of asphalt shingles.
This would prevent your home, especially your attic, from over-absorbing solar heat and become too warm, especially in the summer season. This would enable you to save a significant amount of money on your energy bills since you could easily cut back on your air conditioning costs.

Low Maintenance

Not only does metal roofing has a long service time, but the maintenance is also minimal. Touching up paint, clearing debris, replacing old washers, and keeping the gutters clean are the few major things that you would have to worry about.
Under normal circumstances, rust or corrosion wouldn’t be a problem since metal roofs are designed to be impermeable to air and water and dry out really quickly. However, if you have a lot of garbage on your roof and if your gutters are choked, then it can cause water to pool up and cause significant damage with the passage of time.

So finally,

Just that one fact alone of lasting nearly three times as long as current alternative methods, it’s no wonder that many people are turning to metal roofs over traditional forms of roofing.
We hope this guide has been useful if you’re looking to upgrade or replace your old roof and considering a metal roof, you came to the right place. Why not get in touch, and we’ll be happy to discuss all the aspects of metal roofs with our unbiased experience!

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Why Reside Your House? Reasons, Signs, Benefits, Styles, A Guide

If you’re wondering if you should reside your house, or whether you need to? And if so, when should you reside your house. Then in this article, we’re going to discuss why you should reside your house
But first, here’s the quick answer on the questions “Why reside your house”, then we’ll dive into more details.
So, why reside your house? There are a number of reasons why you might need to reside your house – bubbled or blistered siding, chipped, dented or cracked sidings or dry rot beneath the siding’s surface. Extensions to the home, loose or improperly installed sidings, or simply due to an outdated color or tired and faded look.
That’s the short answer, but what if you’re unsure as to exactly what sidings refer to? Well, let’s clarify that next.
Sidings are an exterior layer added to the outer walls of a building, they’re added to the exterior mainly to provide further protection from harsh elements it would otherwise be exposed to.
Rain, wind, snow, and heat from the sun can all wreak havoc on your home’s walls, foundation, affecting the overall integrity of the structure. When done right, siding can also help keep your home better insulated.
This means that even during harsh weather, your home maintains a relatively moderate temperature. And finally, the right siding can also significantly add to your home’s overall beauty and curb appeal.
All of these reasons show that the siding of your house is extremely important. That said, it’s important to understand that just like any other element of your house, sidings also need to be maintained – and when the need arises, replaced.
Depending upon the material used for the siding and the environmental conditions, siding can usually last for several years, but chances are that if you stay in one home for a long time, you will eventually start seeing some warning signs that your house might need residing.
Listed below are all the regular signs you need to be on the lookout for when conducting a quick maintenance check of your home exterior…

Reasons to reside your house

If you’re not sure if you need to reside your house, then looking for these signs may help.
Bubbled or blistered siding – This can be caused by regular excess heat and moisture or sudden exposure to higher than normal temperatures.
Chipped, dented, or cracked siding – Where your sidings have potentially sustained damage through accidental purposes, often requiring remedial work or a complete re-install on some areas.
Outdated color – Fashions and colors change with modern styles eventually making older colors and styles look their age! A fresh color can add a lot of value to a tired-looking exterior!
Dry rot – This can often occur beneath the surface of the siding and spread, infected areas can sometimes be treated in isolation to avoid a larger task and cost. Otherwise, it’s time for a wholesale replacement.
Extension – An area has been added to the property that might need to be matched, or toned alongside existing sidings in order to maintain continuity in the look of your house
Loose or Improper Installation – sidings that have come loose from their fixings, or that were perhaps installed incorrectly can pose a risk of injury and need your urgent attention.
Faded siding – Wooden sidings, in particular, can look seasoned, but over time, they can fade and become an eyesore that needs replacing.
So if you notice anything untoward in your sidings color, shape or positioning, then don’t ignore it.
Visible signs such as warping in your current siding or if the siding has started to bend or curl away from the surface of the house means you may need to reside your home.
These signs often show that moisture has made its way inside of the siding and could be affecting the structure of your house. If left untreated, it could cause structural damage to your home or worse…
This moisture can cause internal damage to your home. For example, peeling paint or wallpaper can also be because water has made its way between the siding and your house’s structure.
Other signs of damage to the siding include the appearance of green and/or black patches on the siding. These patches are generally found on the shaded sides of your house and are another sign of moisture within the siding.
Additionally, if you notice that the siding is soft in some spots and it rots or gives away upon touching it or pushing it with a small force, then that means the siding is rotting or has become weak and needs to be replaced.
Finally, residing your house can significantly help improve its resale value and curb appeal. Regardless of whether you plan on selling the house eventually or not, no one wants to see their house deteriorating or losing value.
Residing your home is by far the single most effective thing you can do to improve your house’s curb appeal and resale value.

Things to consider when residing your house

Residing your home is not an easy task. Not only does it come with a significant price tag, but it’s also a time-consuming process and considering the many options available, figuring out the nitty-gritty details is not a straightforward task.
Moreover, there’s also the worry that whatever siding you choose now, you will have to live with for the next several years at least. And since the siding is the first thing you see of a home, you don’t want to get it wrong.
Fortunately, you can make an informed decision by keeping a few things into consideration.

Can you replace your own sidings?

The answer to this is simple – hire a professional. Siding a house is a large and difficult task that should only be carried out by someone who has the experience, expertise, and the right tools to properly undertake the job.
Thankfully, as a competent, family-owned construction team serving Michigan for over 20 years, we’re able to offer a greater emphasis on the wants and needs of our clients, making superior customer service and craftsmanship a top priority.
Siding a house is a large and difficult task that should only be carried out by someone who has the experience, expertise, and the right tools”

Choosing the right siding

Considering the cost and timeframe associated with residing a property, it makes sense that you would want to choose a siding that will provide maximum protection to your home, will last for as long as possible and will enhance the look of your home.
A general rule of the thumb is that the tougher the siding material you choose, the greater its resilience against weather, moisture, pests, and accidents – and the more durability it will offer.
There are a number of factors to take into account when choosing the right product. We’ve installed all many different types, so based on our experience operating in the Michigan area, and over hundreds of installations, we’re able to offer our seasoned advice.

How do I know the right siding for my house?

There are many types of siding options available for your home, such as vinyl sidings, fiber cement sidings, and wooden sidings.
When selecting the most suitable siding for your house it’s important to take into consideration factors like the cost of the material, ease of installation, appearance and finish, required ongoing maintenance …and of course, the climate conditions.
The most popular siding option is vinyl siding because it’s generally easier to install and is budget-friendly.
Wood siding is also fairly popular. It gives a rich appearance to your home’s exterior.
Fiber cement siding can also be a popular choice for homeowners because it offers the look of wood or stucco. Other options include stucco and stone siding.

Is vinyl siding superior to wood siding?

Vinyl is the choice of most homeowners. Although many other siding options are available, vinyl remains the most sought-after choice. It’s superior to wood because it does not decay, it resists fading and it is cheaper.
Vinyl siding provides an appealing finish to your exterior at a lower price. It’s tough and durable and does not rot when it remains wet when compared to wood, which is more prone to water damage …and is also a fire hazard.

Cost comparisons

It’s important to take into consideration, the costs associated with each type of siding.
For example, vinyl is the homeowners’ first choice due to its affordability combined with its durability. Using high-quality James Hardy products that are long-lasting and look great, at an affordable price is the preferred option for most homeowners in Michigan.
Of course, the decision shouldn’t be based solely on the price, but you do still need to keep in mind a cost versus benefit analysis.
If a better quality siding material is more durable than a cheaper, lower quality siding, comes with fewer maintenance costs, or offers a greater increase in resale value; then that siding will probably offer more value for your money in the long run.

To finish…

We hope this has given you a good understanding of what sidings are, the different types, preferences, and costs vs benefits and the reasons they might need replacing.
If your sidings appear damaged or are merely looking tired and old and ready to be replaced, then for those in Michigan why not opt for our professional sidings service, installing professional products to your cherished home. Call us now and we’ll do out best to guide you in getting your sidings replaced.

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12 Signs You Need a Roof Repair, Early Warnings and What to Do

Your roof is not something you immediately think about, we just kind of take it for granted – even though it’s one of the major structures in your house that’s keeping you protected from the elements. In fact, you might notice your roof so little that we often overlook some obvious signs that we need repairs to our roof. And sometimes we see but don’t recognize signs of damage. But some other signs are more hidden…
In this post we’re going to go through the major reason you’re going to need to repair your roof, what needs to be fixed and some advice… but first, here are some quick facts about roof repairs…
● Every year up to 5 million homes have their roof replaced
● The cost of roof repairs range from $3,000 to £120,000 depending on the size and complexity of your roof
● Often, the longer you leave a damaged roof, the more costly it becomes to repair
● Shingle roofs typically last for 25-50 years depending on the shingle type, but homeowners keep them much longer.
So let’s dive into the top 12 signs that you need a roof repair!
1. Cracked or Curled Shingles
Being out in the elements means shingles have to be tough – and they are. They come in all types of materials and each has its own properties and lifespan. But they do have their limits! Cracked, chipped or curled shingles, or just plain missing ones.
You need an assessment of the damage, some areas of the roof open to the elements wear more than others, you need an assessment to figure out which parts are affected or whether it all needs replacing – especially if you see lots of them.
2. Shingle Particles
If you see lots of “Shingle Dust” around the edges of your property, mostly shingle granules in your gutters, or in other parts of your water drainage, this is a sign that water is entering the core of your shingles and when frozen it applies pressure to the structure of the material, forcing particles to chip off.
It could be some surface damage to a small area that’s more exposed to the elements. It might be ok for the moment, but it’s a warning sign to get them checked.
3. Failing Gutter
Gutters are a vital part of preserving your roof, a faulty gutter can cause countless damp problems. One sign to watch out for is any painted facia areas that look like they’re blistered or areas of walls that look damp. Moss growing on walls is also a pretty big sign. Damp getting “around” and on the underside of the roof can affect the integrity of your roofing structure.
Look for any gutter joints that are not properly connected, or if you notice streams of water rushing down from fixing mount holes, or down the outside of your gutter pipe, then something is wrong. Repairing the gutter could solve the issue if the roof then has a chance to dry out. Tackle the main issue first which is to repair the gutter, then when some of the damp clears, have the roof checked.
4. Fire damage
It might seem obvious, but even a small fire can have effects on your roof. Flames can seep between cracks and damage unseen areas. Heat alone can warp wood and other parts of the structure, which can then lead to leaking roofs.
If you’ve had a small fire recently and it reached your upper floor ceiling, then its best to get the integrity of your ceiling structure and rafters checked.
5. Termites and Pests
Pest control is always something you should be checking on, but termites especially can wreck the interior of your roofing, especially if it’s a big termite colony. They will systematically destroy the wood piece by piece.
Make regular checks for termite infestations, consult a pest control expert and if need be, call us in, we can uncover the damage and make a proper review of the damage.
6. Leaking Interior Pipes
Leaking interior pipes can be the hidden danger in your attic, a roof is naturally vented to prevent condensation, but water leakage can cause damage to the roof structure over time and as it’s in your attic it’s unlikely to be seen. Periodic checks are important but look for signs of water seeping into your rooms, a feeling of moist and/or a musky atmosphere in the attic.
Parts of a roof structure can often be replaced without the need to tear it all down and start again, the further the damage spreads the more expensive the repair. So get it assessed by a professional and get it repaired quickly.
7. Interior Stains
If you notice any discoloration on the upper walls of your home or the ceiling, it could be a number of things. One of them could be moisture getting in between shingles and your underlayment. A moist underlayment can cause damp issues.
To properly ascertain if it’s your underlayment you’ll need a professional to take a look. Make a note of the damp areas and enable access to your attic and they’ll check it out.
8. Outside Light
If light can get into your attic, then it’s possible that water can too. One good rainstorm could rush into those areas, even a strong breeze might get a hold under some shingles and rip them off. Ensuring your roof shingle structure is properly sealed is important.
Go into your loft on a bright day, without lighting inside and take a look around. If you see streams of light coming through between shingles or in corners and roof objects. If you see light, you can probably see the problem, so give us a call and we’ll happily take a look.
9. Roof Objects
Often weather sealing materials around your vents, pipes, and chimneys can be the first to fail. If they do then water has a vertical route straight into your attic. One bad rainstorm could become a deluge.
Early detection and repair can minimize the repair area to just around the objects themselves. If you see flashing that’s flapping around in the wind then don’t ignore it.
10. Sagging Ceiling
Another obvious sign, if left this could get far worse and potentially be a hazard. Sagging ceilings can sometimes occur naturally with aged properties, but in most, it means the ceiling is anywhere from damp to saturated.
It could just be the plasterboards, but it might be the rafters are sagging. This is simple, call a professional in, and as soon as possible.
11. Energy Bills
Noticing you’re spending more on your energy bills? If your heating and air conditioning bill seems unusually high then it’s possible something has gone wrong with your roof.
Have the roof checked, if it’s a few gaps that are causing the issue then it could just be a light repair. If your underlay is compromised then it could be a new roof is required.
12. Extreme Weather
Of course, most of us don’t experience life in tornado alley. But freak weather storms can account for a percentage of damage caused, large hailstones, high winds, or extreme temperatures can all take their toll on a roof. They can often be where the problem starts.
If some extreme weather comes along, don’t just think about your car roof, think about your home’s roof too as that probably endured more of the onslaught and could be more costly to repair. A cursory check is all it needs, and if something looks off or you notice any changes in the house or out, then call in a professional to check it over.
Talking of professionals, if you suspect something might be wrong and need someone to take a look at your roof, give us a call. We’ll offer some free friendly advice and see what we can do to ease the problem and ease the budget. Contact us, or take a look at our services page for more information.
To Close…
We hope this has armed you with some points to consider when taking care of your roof. We know life is busy, and you can’t keep checking your shingles and rafters every day, but add this to your checklist as part of the ongoing periodic maintenance check on your house. A quick check every now and then can amount to thousands of dollars in savings. Don’t ignore it, these things rarely get better on their own.

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My Shingles Are Leaking, What Do I Do?

My Shingles Are Leaking, What Do I Do?
Resting under a roof that offers your family protection from rainstorms and hails can be the most fulfilling experience for every homeowner. When that time comes and rain water gets its way into your house, it can be very annoying and something needs to be done as soon as possible.
A leaking roof is a serious matter of concern that cannot be ignored. Immediately you discover an active leak, see how to stop that water damage. If you don’t contain the water as soon as possible, it can pose major threat on your ceiling, walls and your household stuff. So, you need to remove the water and call your insurance agents. If your insurance company does not cover roofing repairs and replacement, asking your roofing contractors to fix the leaky roof.
If you are in Ann Arbor and you don’t know the ideal roofing experts to contract, look no further. Wilderness Construction is your trusted local roofing specialists to contract. With over 20 years of experience, we know what our customers need and we strive to offer our best and we never compromise on quality.
For the two decades of service, we have become popular and highly rated roofing technicians in Dexter, Saline, Ann Arbor and the entire Michigan region. We work as a team of highly dedicated roofing experts and we are fully trained and equipped to handle any roofing projects. To use, every project is unique and we give it our best.
Did The Leaking Shingles Cause You Panic?
When it’s that time of the year when we are experiencing heavy downpour and rainstorms, you are likely to experience water leak due to factors like missing, curved or damaged shingles, structural problems, granule loss, mold and paint damage on your roof. If you are not a roofing expert, it might be hard for you to tell exactly what is causing the leaks. At this point, many homeowners panic because they don’t know how to go about it.
The fear that you may need to have an entire roof replacement can be very haunting especially when on a tight budget. If you want to prevent future roof leaks, call Wilderness Construction for a comprehensive investigation and assessment on your roof. Based on the condition of your roof, we advice you on what’s needed for a quality and hardy roof that you need.
You got water leak? This might be a sign that your shingles are leaking. A leak left unfixed can cause your entire roof to rot. But how do you know exactly what’s causing the leak? Ask the experts. Guess work might not help much. A roof leak might turn into an emergency if you don’t call your roofing contractors immediately you notice that minimal leak.
With the unpredictable weather, you may not know exactly when a heavy rainstorm might come. If you don’t want rain water to fall in you and your family and households, it’s time to send rainwater where it belongs. Call the experts to investigate the state of your roof especially if you have stayed in that house for twenty years or more without roof replacement. If you notice missing shingles, curved or broken shingles, chances of leaking shingles when hailstorm comes are high.
Leaking Shingles Are May Cost You More
The moment you discover a sagging roof or water pools and stains on your ceiling or even water stains, this has a lot to tell you. Ceiling and attic damage is a likely occurrence and you can’t believe it having your ceiling replaced when you could have avoided it. When pools of water are held on your ceiling, it affects your ceiling paint and darkens it or leaves ugly marks. It also expands your ceiling plaster and damages the paint and plaster of your walls. What a mess?
Nothing annoys a homeowner than incurring extra cost on something that could have been prevented. The dangers of leaking shingles are more than you may think. The first thing to do when your roof is leaking is to identify what causes the problem. Could it be water from a leaking plumbing line? or a leak in the roof? Inspect to find out where the water is coming from. Fresh water may be an indicator of a plumbing issue and dirty stains on your ceiling may be a clear sign to tell you that your roof is leaking.
A leaking roof may cause dangerous fire and shock hazards if left unattended. Seeping water on your walls may lead to damaged insulation and cause water to come into contact with electric wires. This can create a fire hazard and put your entire home at risk.
Is It Expensive To Replace Your Shingles?
To have a lasting solution to your leaking shingles, you need to work with the experts. Though there is no standard amount on shingle repairs, roof repair is not a cheap investment. Ask your insurance agents if they cover roof repair and replacement. This might help reduce the amount you spend to have a perfect roof. Most insurance policies does not cover damage caused by wear and tear or lack of maintenance. So, as a homeowner, its your responsibility to have proper maintenance on your roof.
My New Roof Is Leaking, What Do I Do?
New roofs too can leak. This may happen around the roof protrusions and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage. In most cases, your roofing contractors will fix leak on a new roof at no cost. Call your roofing contractors in Michigan to fix the problem for you.
Time taken to repair or replace leaking shingles may vary based on the severity of the problem. The best thing to do to avoid further damage and increased cost of repair is to fix roof leak as soon as you discover anything unusual.
Looking For Roofing Contractors In Michigan?
If you are a resident of Ann Arbor, Dexter, Saline and neighboring regions, safe your family from the panic of having leaking shingles. No one knows when the next heavy downpour is but if you want to enjoy peace of mind when everyone else is not, make Wilderness Construction your ideal roofing partners now.
We provide expertise roofing solutions to all types of roofs and we fix your problem as soon as it need be. We offer prompt emergency services 24/7. Call us now and discuss the state of your roof with us. With us, you are covered all the way.

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Upgrading Entry Doors

A Simple Home Improvement Solution
Have you ever taken the time to stand in front of your house and soak up the view? Most homeowners would hope to see an inviting, vibrant home with features that compliment one another; something that separates itself from every other house down the block.
If you’ve found yourself in this situation and weren’t happy with what you saw, boosting your home’s curb appeal may be easier than you think! Installing a new entry door can upgrade the look of your home without the hassle and cost of a large-scale renovation. As a trusted local contractor, Wilderness Construction wants you to take pride in the overall look of your home and has the knowledge and tools to get you there.
Entry Door Materials
Investing in a new entry door can be a bit of a challenge for someone who is unfamiliar with the options available to them. If the goal is to enhance the look of your home for passersby or just your own family, it’s important to choose a door that will compliment other features of your home – there is no one-size-fits-all solution! If your home features a lot of brickwork or wood trim, you may want to consider a wooden door that matches the theme you’ve already established. For a sided home, a better option might be a brightly colored steel door that’s contrast really pops, drawing the eye toward your main focal point. Some of the most common materials used for entry doors include: wood, metal (steel), & fiberglass. Each of these options features their own unique benefits all while protecting your home from the elements and providing improved security.
Entry Door Styles
Once you’ve chosen the material that will best compliment your home’s existing features, you’ll want to think about the style of door that will fit in the space along with decorative elements. Will you need sidelights to fill the space where a double door once lived or vice versa? Would the interior of your home benefit from natural light coming in beyond the door through large panes of glass, or do you need something solid to complete the look you’re hoping to achieve? Lastly, which hardware options should you choose to tie everything together? These are all great questions our entry door experts will be happy to help you answer!
Know When A Door Upgrade Is Necessary
While upgrading your home’s front door can purely be a cosmetic decision, there are most definitely situations where a door may need to be replaced due to age or poor functionality. Keep an eye out for these issues, as they may be a sign your front door could fail:
• Cracking
• Dents
• Chipping
• Rusting
• Difficulty Closing & Locking
• Poor Energy Efficiency Causing Drafts
Experts In Home Renovation
Once again, while an entry door might seem to be one of the simplest mechanisms in your home, it is often one of the first things a guest is likely to notice, as well as an agent in protecting your family from intruders and high energy bills. We have been helping Washtenaw County homeowners with their home improvement needs for nearly 20 years. From full-fledged home remodels to a simple door replacement, we see the value in transforming your home into the space you’ve always envisioned – let’s talk about how a simple door replacement can be a quick fix in changing the look of your home!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

When do I need to replace my shingles on my roof?

When do I need to replace my shingles on my roof?
Are your shingle edges curled with cupped or cracked shingles? Do you notice missing granules with bald spots? Relax. You are not alone. After investing in a home, 20 years down the line you need to be prepared to start seeing aging shingles because of the many present factors that affects their durability. When this happen, you need to have the shingles on your roof replaced.
Having missing or damaged shingles can expose your sheathing layers to weather and cause rot. Anytime you ignore the uneven shingle lines, torn, curled or loose shingles, the next possible condition is a sagging roof indicating a bad rot on the under layer. Your roof is very essential and requires immediate attention immediately you notice the above shingle conditions. A single missing shingle left unfixed can lead to a leaking roof and ruin your entire roof and cost you more than you can ever imagine.
When To Call An Expert?
When you start experiencing issues with your shingles, it can be hard for you to know what to do. At this point, you need to hire roofing experts to tell you when you need to replace shingles on your roof or when to add extra protection.
With many roofing contractors in Ann Arbor, you need to find the ideal experts to fix your roofing problems. Wilderness Construction is one of the most popular and reputable roofing technicians in Michigan. We are experts in all types of roofing techniques and we help our esteemed customers find a lasting solution to all their roofing issues.
Not everything is a DIY. When you notice a missing or damaged shingle on your roof, call roofing experts to fix the problem for you. Attempts to solve the issue on your own can lead to further damage that can put your entire roof at risk. To maintain the structural integrity of your home, you need to invest in the modern roofing techniques and have your roofing installed by the experts.
Investing in a home is one of the greatest achievements. It gives you relaxation and peace of mind knowing that you have provided a perfect shelter for your family. But after living in that house for 20 years or so, it is time to start thinking about having your roofing replaced. You don’t need to wait for missing or damaged shingles or even sagging roof to call emergency service.
To keep your family safe from unpredictable weather, call your local roofing contractors now to for a comprehensive assessment and inspection. Invest in honest dealers who give genuine evaluation and professional advice on the roof parts that need repair and when replacement is a must-do-thing.
The key to knowing the perfect time to replace your shingles is to understand your shingle roof. This is done based on the manufacturer and the underlying weather condition. Know the kind of roof that you have. Choose to have your shingles replaced before further damage occurs.
Deciding when to have your roof replaced is one of the major decisions a homeowner can make. But before you finalize your decisions, you need to discuss your roof condition with the professionals. Ask your contractor if your shingles really need to be replaced and when.
Do You Want To Restore Splendor And Function To Your Roof?
Do you need a brand new roof? Consider replacing your messy shingles if all you want is to restore the exquisiteness and function to your roof. Go for shingles designed for durability and longevity. It is worth it investing in top quality fine shingles. When installed by highly experienced roofing experts at Wilderness Construction, your home will be safe from rainstorm for the next two or three decades.
It can be very annoying having rain drop on you while you sleep in the middle of a cold night. You wake up only to find water all over the room. This doesn’t just interrupt your sweet sleep but it poses a major threat on your entire roofing system. A leaking roof can cause a serious rot and you may have no choice but to replace your roof. To minimize cost and damage, ask your roofing partners to solve any leak problem as soon as possible.
There are several factors that might lead to water pooling up underneath your roof. This is a serious matter of concern that requires a prime investigation. It might be so distressing thinking that you must get your roof replaced while on a tight budget. Before it gets there, ask your roofing contractors to assess your shingles. Could be all your roofing needs is shingles replacement and you are good to go.
Is It Expensive To Have My Shingles Replaced?
You got water leaks? Ask Wilderness Construction to investigate the water stains, pain damage, granule loss, mold or structural problems. Hail damage and missing / damaged shingles may also lead to water pooling up on the ceiling and find its way into the house. If your shingles have issues, you may need to replace them. But is it expensive?
There is no fixed amount on the cost of shingles replacement. When our experts arrive on site, they do a comprehensive assessment on your roof and give a genuine quote. We care about you and our goal is to assist you get your roof back into shape at the most excellent rates in Dexter, Saline, Ann Arbor and entire Michigan region.
We discuss the budget with you and we aim at providing expert job that gives you value for your money. We also provide roofing financing options to our customers to help them pay for the services at a convenient pace.
Need Help With Your Shingles?
Not everything is a DIY! When you notice a problem with your roof shingles, let the experts fix the problem for you. If you are not a roofing expert, avoid doing roof repair on your own because this might worsen the case and cause you more damage that you ever imagined. Finding popular roofing contractors with a vast experience can be a great way to having all your roofing issues solved.
If you are looking for the most ideal roofing experts in Michigan, make Wilderness Construction your roofing partners today. We walk with you every step of the way and we stand by you whenever you need us. Call us now or visit our website for detailed information about our great offers.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Weatherproofing Your Home

When people think about weatherproofing their home it’s usually in the fall before the weather breaks and temperatures drop. While this is necessary to help trap expensive heat inside your home throughout the winter, it’s important that your home be weatherproofed for summer too! Whether it’s winter or summer, it’s unlikely that you’ll want the temperature outside your home to match that of the inside – unless you’ve taken the precautions to weatherproof your home, external conditions will most likely have an effect internally. Taking the time to maintain your ventilation systems and other areas where you might find air leaks will help you trap the cool air in, keep hot air out, and save you money on cooling costs in the long run. After all, no one wants to be hot AND broke!
Weatherproofing your home does not require a big budget or a lot of time. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite ways you can take on this DIY project and get on the path to stable internal temperatures and a more affordable energy bill.
Honeycomb Cellular Shades
Installing cellular, or “honeycomb,” shades is a phenomenal way to keep extreme temperatures from penetrating through windows into your home. This type of shade will work for you year-round, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. As hot or cold air radiates from window panes & frames, it gets trapped in the cells of the shade. You’ll want to make sure not to install these too close to the window, however, as you might see ice buildup on window panes during winter months!
Door Draft-Stoppers
Adding draft-stoppers to entry doors will prevent outside air from seeping in underneath. You can pick up a draft stopper at almost any local hardware store at a low cost. If you’d like to be more resourceful, make one yourself!
Air Leaks Around Doors & Windows
Repairing areas that allow air to leak through is one of the greatest improvements you can make in weatherproofing your home. A simple trick to finding these problem areas is to run a lit candle around window & door frames. If you pass by an area where unwanted air is coming in, you’ll see the flame flicker. Now that you’ve sought out the areas causing issues, you’ll want to seal the leak with caulk or weather stripping.
Basement & Attic Insulation
While this is far from the cheapest method to weatherproofing your home, it will give you the best return on your investment. Uninsulated attics and basements will let warm air escape your home during colder months and let it back in during warmer months.
A ventilation system that isn’t working properly will not allow your home to shed the hot air it doesn’t need. Vents leading out of your attic should be clear of debris both inside and out. When checking these vents, you may want to take a look at the vents attached to your HVAC system as well. Blockages can trap heat in and prevent your cooling system from running effectively.
Programable Thermostat
Exterior temperatures can fluctuate throughout the day, and you won’t always be around to adjust the dial on your thermostat accordingly. Having your HVAC system set to maintain a stable temperature on its own will prevent you from over heating or cooling a house nobody is in! A standard programmable thermostat can be picked up for about $30, but there are many options with special features if you’re willing to spend a little more.
Taking these measures to properly weatherproof your home will almost always help reduce the cost of heating and cooling. If you’ve gone through each of these without seeing a change on your energy bill, there might be a larger problem at hand. A home with outdated windows or doors isn’t optimized to effectively regulate internal temperatures. You may need to consider replacement energy efficient windows & doors or have your roof inspected for issues.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Roofing: The Effects of Storm Damage & How to Fight Back

As a resident of Washtenaw County, you know Michigan summers can be unpredictable. While many homeowners anticipate the arrival of sunny days and backyard barbeques with family & friends, it’s easy to overlook the baggage this season can bring along: storm damage. Throughout summer, residents of the Ann Arbor Metro area are likely to see a variety of natural phenomena that can quickly plague weekend plans and wreak havoc on your home – especially your roofing. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), approximately 1,800 thunderstorms are occurring at any given time, resulting in about 16-million thunderstorms each year across the United States. This means extreme winds, torrential rains, and hail storms are all likely to happen at some point throughout our favorite season, leaving us with costly roof repairs. In fact, the NOAA says hail alone causes approximately $1 billion in building damage each year. How have you prepared for potential storm damage?

Preventing Roof Damage Caused By Summer Storms

Like most homeowners, you do everything in your power to make sure your home is adequately equipped to protect your family from disaster. When it comes to preventing building damage caused by storms, one of the best places to start is with your home’s roof. The roof forms the first line of protection against wind & hail damage. So where do you start? Our team of roofing experts has developed some helpful tips to help your roof make it through the summer in one piece:

Get A Roof Inspection

Have a reliable roofing contractor come to your home to provide a thorough roof inspection. As we all know, water will find its way through the smallest leak or gap in your home’s exterior. These gaps can be difficult to spot, especially from the ground! A professional roofing expert will be able to spot subtle signs that your roof may be susceptible to storm damage. While small gaps or leaks may not be huge issues on their own, they can become much larger issues if the right storm passes through. Other issues your roof inspector should address include:
  • Damaged Shingles
  • Worn connectors on roof decking that connects the roof with exterior walls
  • Weak spots on the roof’s surface
  • Proper bracing of gables
  • Properly enforced sheathing (you’ll need to get in the attic for this!)

Maintain Overhanging Foliage

Take the time to inspect any overhanging limbs – more than likely these should be trimmed back. Most local storm damage repairs are the result of limbs falling onto the home. While large trees can give your home character, limbs protruding over the roof could have catastrophic repercussions if they were to come down during a storm.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Most homeowners don’t truly understand the importance of properly functioning gutters. While gutters can serve as a decoration piece, their true purpose is direct rain water off the roof and away from the home’s foundation. Clogged gutters can cause water to pool on top of the roof and eventually find its way beneath the shingles, causing severe structural roof damage. Standing water on the roof can also add a lot of extra weight that it’s not used to supporting, which will also cause issues over time.

Install The Proper Roofing Materials

Having the right type of shingles will greatly increase protection against severe roof damage caused by a storm. Studies have shown that impact-resistant asphalt roofing shingles can remain unharmed, even after 1.5” diameter hail. It’s also important to also ask your roofing contractor about secondary moisture barriers that protect against water damage to the roof that can affect sheathing.

Home Maintenance After A Storm

After a severe summer storm, it is always a good idea to set up a roof inspection with a local roofing contractor. Even if you don’t see any storm damage, a post-storm roof inspection will alert you of any minor home repairs that should be made before the next inevitable storm.
Wilderness Construction, Inc. is a trusted storm damage repair company offering roof inspections and evaluations in the Ann Arbor area. To schedule a roof inspection, contact us by phone, email, or through our website and one of our roofing experts will follow up with you shortly. If you’re concerned about the integrity of your home’s roof, we have the knowledge and experience to keep your family protected – we will even work with your insurance provider to help file storm damage insurance claim. It is never too late to invest safety.