Sunday, October 1, 2023

Signs of Inadequate Attic Insulation

Is your second floor warmer than the rest of your home? 

Have you noticed drafts or cold patches throughout your house? 

Thinking about ways to beef up your insulation?

To determine whether your attic insulation is sufficient, you need to recognize the signs of inadequate

  • High energy bills: An increase in heating bills, especially during the winter season, can indicates that your home is losing heat due to insufficient insulation.
  • Ice dams: The formation of ice dams along the eaves of your roof is a clear indication of poor attic insulation. Ice dams occur when heat escaping from the attic melts snow on the roof, which then refreezes at the eaves, potentially causing damage.
  • Drafts and cold spots: If you feel drafts or encounter cold spots in your home, especially near the ceiling or walls, it's a sign that warm air is escaping through gaps in your attic insulation.

Learn more about how to determine if your attic’s insulation is adequate, here!  

Roofing Company in Ann Arbor Can Help You Prepare for Colder Weather

Is your home prepared for the harsh Michigan winter? 

While it may still be fall, it’s important to be prepared for early, unexpected cold fronts or snow. When you work with a roofing company in Ann Arbor, you’ll know for sure that your home will be well prepared for the cold Michigan winter.

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