Friday, March 1, 2024

Your Roof Spring Cleaning Checklist

Are you eagerly anticipating warmer weather? 

Getting geared up for spring cleaning and outdoor activities? 

While cleaning out closets and dusting off shelves are what you think of when it comes to spring

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cleaning, it’s important not to write off the exterior of your home!

Here are a few points to include on your spring-cleaning checklist to include your roof:

  • Inspect Your Roof Condition 
  • Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts
  • Trim Overhanging Tree Branches
  • Inspect Your Attic Ventilation 

Learn more about how to transition your roof from winter to spring in our latest article

Residential Roofers Ann Arbor Set Up Your Roof for Success

Don’t want to add more to your hefty cleaning list? 

Working with residential roofers in Ann Arbor guarantees your roof is set up for another successful season! Reach out to schedule an inspection with our exceptional team to make sure your spring is clear of any roofing disasters! 

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