Monday, August 15, 2016

Natural Light In The Office Can Make Employees More Productive

Do your employees seem more sluggish as the day goes on?

Are you noticing a crowd near the coffee maker in the afternoon?

Your workplace may benefit from the installation of sliding glass doors in Ann Arbor!

Studies have shown that exposure to natural light during the day can increase productivity and make people feel more energized! Natural light has also been linked to a decrease in overall anxiety and depression in individuals.

If your employees are coming into the office in the mornings feeling tired or looking like they could use a few more hours of sleep, it could be a deficiency of natural light that’s keeping them from sleeping at night.

Consider Installing A Sliding Glass Door in Your Office!

According to a sleep study done by neurologists at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, “workers are a group at risk because they are typically indoors often without access to natural or even artificial bright light for the entire day.”

If your office has access to a patio, or an outdoor space on the first level, talk to your building manager about a sliding glass door! The benefits for your employees will not only help them, but can help the company overall in the long run.

The study continues, “Compared to those with little light exposure, workers with more exposure [to natural light] slept longer and better at night, got more exercise, and had a better quality of life.”

Better sleep for employees means more productivity and energy during the day, and happy workers!

If you’d like to discuss your options for sliding glass doors in Ann Arbor, contact Wilderness Construction Inc. today! Our knowledgeable technicians can inform you about the choices available to you, and help you pick out the perfect style door that fits your budget. Contact us today by visiting our website or giving us a call!

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