Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Roofing: The Effects of Storm Damage & How to Fight Back

As a resident of Washtenaw County, you know Michigan summers can be unpredictable. While many homeowners anticipate the arrival of sunny days and backyard barbeques with family & friends, it’s easy to overlook the baggage this season can bring along: storm damage. Throughout summer, residents of the Ann Arbor Metro area are likely to see a variety of natural phenomena that can quickly plague weekend plans and wreak havoc on your home – especially your roofing. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), approximately 1,800 thunderstorms are occurring at any given time, resulting in about 16-million thunderstorms each year across the United States. This means extreme winds, torrential rains, and hail storms are all likely to happen at some point throughout our favorite season, leaving us with costly roof repairs. In fact, the NOAA says hail alone causes approximately $1 billion in building damage each year. How have you prepared for potential storm damage?

Preventing Roof Damage Caused By Summer Storms

Like most homeowners, you do everything in your power to make sure your home is adequately equipped to protect your family from disaster. When it comes to preventing building damage caused by storms, one of the best places to start is with your home’s roof. The roof forms the first line of protection against wind & hail damage. So where do you start? Our team of roofing experts has developed some helpful tips to help your roof make it through the summer in one piece:

Get A Roof Inspection

Have a reliable roofing contractor come to your home to provide a thorough roof inspection. As we all know, water will find its way through the smallest leak or gap in your home’s exterior. These gaps can be difficult to spot, especially from the ground! A professional roofing expert will be able to spot subtle signs that your roof may be susceptible to storm damage. While small gaps or leaks may not be huge issues on their own, they can become much larger issues if the right storm passes through. Other issues your roof inspector should address include:
  • Damaged Shingles
  • Worn connectors on roof decking that connects the roof with exterior walls
  • Weak spots on the roof’s surface
  • Proper bracing of gables
  • Properly enforced sheathing (you’ll need to get in the attic for this!)

Maintain Overhanging Foliage

Take the time to inspect any overhanging limbs – more than likely these should be trimmed back. Most local storm damage repairs are the result of limbs falling onto the home. While large trees can give your home character, limbs protruding over the roof could have catastrophic repercussions if they were to come down during a storm.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Most homeowners don’t truly understand the importance of properly functioning gutters. While gutters can serve as a decoration piece, their true purpose is direct rain water off the roof and away from the home’s foundation. Clogged gutters can cause water to pool on top of the roof and eventually find its way beneath the shingles, causing severe structural roof damage. Standing water on the roof can also add a lot of extra weight that it’s not used to supporting, which will also cause issues over time.

Install The Proper Roofing Materials

Having the right type of shingles will greatly increase protection against severe roof damage caused by a storm. Studies have shown that impact-resistant asphalt roofing shingles can remain unharmed, even after 1.5” diameter hail. It’s also important to also ask your roofing contractor about secondary moisture barriers that protect against water damage to the roof that can affect sheathing.

Home Maintenance After A Storm

After a severe summer storm, it is always a good idea to set up a roof inspection with a local roofing contractor. Even if you don’t see any storm damage, a post-storm roof inspection will alert you of any minor home repairs that should be made before the next inevitable storm.
Wilderness Construction, Inc. is a trusted storm damage repair company offering roof inspections and evaluations in the Ann Arbor area. To schedule a roof inspection, contact us by phone, email, or through our website and one of our roofing experts will follow up with you shortly. If you’re concerned about the integrity of your home’s roof, we have the knowledge and experience to keep your family protected – we will even work with your insurance provider to help file storm damage insurance claim. It is never too late to invest safety.

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