Friday, May 8, 2020

Benefits of Adding a Sliding Glass Door to Your Home

One way to change the feel of a room without a full-scale renovation is to add a sliding glass door. Apart from adding an aesthetically pleasing element that allows easier access to the outside, a sliding glass door can provide you and your family a number of less obvious benefits as well!
More Natural Light
Sliding glass doors feature large panes of glass that run from the floor to the ceiling. This will allow much more natural sunlight into your home, which in turn can help you save on energy costs. With this extra light provided by the doorwall you may not even need to turn on any lights throughout the day. During winter months, multi-pane glass will keep the cold air from penetrating and allow the light to be used as a heat source, maximizing energy efficiency.
Fresh Air
Increased airflow and circulation will be another benefit you & your family will reap. Opening this door will allow large surges of air to flow through your home – much more than your standard window. This circulation will lead to improved air quality, smell, and feel. It can also increase your home’s energy efficiency by reducing the need to cool your home with air conditioning.
More Efficient Navigation
Adding this type of door will make it easier for you & your guests to come in and out of the house. The door’s large size will enhance traffic flow, which is great for people who host gatherings at their home.
Space Maximization & Enhanced Appearance
Sliding glass doors will not only create the illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is but can actually save space compared to a standard swinging door which requires a dead area for it to be open and closed. By replacing a solid wall with a sliding door that compliments the other elements of the room, you’ll create a more open space that adds elegance and charm to your home.
Better Views
When any type of large window is installed, you are adding the element of the outdoors to the room. Homeowners with beautiful gardens or backyards will be able to enjoy the view unfiltered year-round. You will also be better suited to keep an eye on any activities going on in your back yard – this is an added bonus for families with children who want to keep them safe while at play.
Overall, a sliding glass door will make your home more comfortable throughout the year and help to provide a more pleasant space to relax with family & friends without the time, cost, and energy of taking on a full renovation. You may even see a decrease in energy costs. If adding this element your home sounds like the best option for your family, get in touch with the experts at Wilderness Construction. Our team has been helping families in the Ann Arbor area evolve their homes to meet their needs for nearly 20 years – we’d be glad to help yours!

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